Amethyst Sixth Parent Presentation


Timetabled Sessions

  • A 2-hour live virtual lesson for each of your three chosen A level or Applied General courses. Across the week, this will equate to 6 hours of live virtual lessons to be attended in designated time slots.
  • A 1-hour virtual escape room challenge in teams of 6 plus one Sixth Form teacher. Teams will be designated to you prior to the transition week. This is to be attended in a designated time slot.

Study Period Sessions

  • An ‘Academic and Sixth Form Preparation’ session covering crucial skills needed for success at Sixth Form.
  • A virtual ‘Quirky Quiz’ competition session covering a range of Key Stage 4 knowledge, general knowledge and more.
  • A ‘Preparing For The Future’ session delivered by the careers team.
  • Virtual enrichment sessions to participate and show evidence of participation in.
  • A ‘Challenge Passport’ of preparation tasks to complete throughout the week.


The focus of the transition week will be for our students to get a true experience of Sixth Form and fully prepare them for what is expected from each of their chosen courses and as being part of our Sixth Form family. The virtual transition programme has been specially designed for our students to virtually meet and get to know their subject teachers and members of the Amethyst 6th team as well as their fellow peers and new friends. It also creates the opportunity for the Amethyst 6th team to get to know them, their motivations and capabilities across Sixth Form.

This week is each students opportunity to show the Sixth Form team and teachers their dedication to Sixth Form and on the courses they have chosen. Their participation across the week will be closely monitored to assess their suitability and commitment to Sixth Form.
We are very much looking forward to this enjoyable transition experience and anticipate a fantastic Amethyst 6th Year 12 team will be born!

Virtual Transition Timetable

The timetable below is from last year and shows what would be available in “normal circumstances”

SEN Guide to Sixth Form

The SEND team at Moreton have created this transition booklet for our Year 11 students joining the Amethyst 6th. Use it for practical information and for tips on how to have a successful time in Year 12 and beyond!

Getting to Know You!

Meet some of the teaching staff you’ll get to know when you start your journey with the Amethyst Sixth Form.

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