Advanced GCE in Art and Design – Art and Design (Textile Design)

Course Overview

  • To enhance students’ knowledge of the art and design industry as well as showcasing student’s creative flair.

Qualification Details

  • Qualification: Advanced GCE in Art and Design – Art and Design (Textile Design)
  • Exam Board: AQA


Course Teacher Profile

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Thomas


Mrs. Thomas is the Curriculum Team Lead for Art in the Amethyst Sixth Form

Course Requirements

To enrol for the A Level Textiles course you must have the following…

  • English Grade 5
  • GCSE in Design Technology or Art is essential

Year 1 Summary

Portraits – Students research a range of portrait craftspeople, to use as inspiration to complete a final portrait piece in Batik. 

Self-portrait – Students explore self- portrait artists and create 1 final self-portrait which reflect themselves.  

Life drawing– Students produce a series of studies from the human form. 


Ancient art – Students explore ancient art selecting 1 genre students produce an artist recreation from a selected artist in textile media.  

Students also produce a written related study. 


Students develop a range of samples looking at key skills of embroidery, applique, 3D sculpture.  

Year 2 Summary

  • Practical Portfolio
  • Assessment Objective 1 – Develop ideas through sustained and focused investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and critical understanding.
  • Assessment Objective 2 – Explore and select appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes, reviewing and refining ideas as work develops.
  • Assessment Objective 3 – Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions, reflecting critically on work and progress.

Careers and Next Steps

  • Clothing/textile technologist
  • Colour technologist
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Textile designer
  • Illustration
  • Costume design

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