Student Leadership Team

Our Student Headship team is voted for by the Amethyst Sixth Form students

Nihana Sri Elango


As a Head Girl, I Nihana Sri Elango, help to run the Student Union where we try to make Amethyst 6th Form a place where everyone’s voice is heard. I wanted the role as a Head Girl to help build and enhance the teamwork across Amethyst Academy, so that we all work as a family, inspiring and motivating each other to reach our goals.  As a student union, we aim to implement changes and actions that will enrich your time at Amethyst Sixth Form. Actions previously achieved include: making alterations to the Sixth Form lunch menu; contributing to the creation of a charter so they roles and expectations for both staff and students are clear for all; and organizing the minibus timetabling between Moreton and the Amethyst Sixth. Other responsibilities that I have particularly enjoyed are raising the profile of the student union to promote and recognize the body and the work we do and being an ambassador for Sixth Form to welcome students who are considering the Amethyst Sixth Form as their destination for higher education.

Moreover, I believe that this role has developed my confidence, leadership and communication, preparing me for my future. Amethyst 6th Form is a great place to start your post-16 journey, with many opportunities to develop yourself academically and personally, preparing you for the future.  For anyone considering signing up to the student union, don’t hesitate; it could help you to enhance your own skills and could be a stepping stone for your future- especially when promoting yourself with personal statements or CVS.

Aside from the academic benefits of attending our Sixth Form, you will also receive the help, guidance and support you may need with careers advice, enrichment opportunities guest speakers and personalised intervention. Everything is available to help you to achieve your potential.

Nathan Love


My name is Nathan Love and I am the Head Boy of the Amethyst 6TH Form. As a former Moreton Student, I am passionate about creating an inclusive environment which allows students to work happily and productively in order to succeed. Essentially, my role is to facilitate a supportive and beneficial relationship between teachers and students; therefore, enabling everyone to enjoy their journey within the sixth form and equipping them with the necessary attributes to thrive in the wider world.

My motivation for performing the role of Head Boy is to voice my own opinions, and the opinions of those within the school, to represent and make necessary changes for students to learn, develop and flourish. Personally, I believe that the role has boosted my own confidence and self-esteem so I would highly recommend other people joining the Sixth Form Student Union in order to utilise their skills to make a difference. Other characteristics I possess which allow me to fulfil my duties are: my ability to communicate with staff, students and SLT; effective organisation skills; and leadership qualities to help to plan and deliver meetings and events.

As an ambassador for Sixth Form, I look forward to working with others to promote and supplement opportunities available at the Amethyst 6TH Form.



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