English Language and Literature

Advanced GCE in English Language and Literature

Course Overview

  • To engage with a range of canonical fiction and non-fiction texts whilst analysing language on a rage of levels; to engage with the contexts and critical theories of writers applying these to analysis of language and meaning.

    Qualification Details

    • Qualification: Advanced GCE in English Language and Literature
    • Exam Board: AQA


    Course Teacher Profile

    Miss C. Ceney

    Miss C. Ceney


    Miss Ceney is the Curriculum Team Lead for English in the Amethyst Sixth Form

    Course Requirements

    Ideally, students should achieve Grade 6 in both GCSE English Language and Literature.

    Year 1 Summary

    • A range of texts including Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’, fiction and non-fiction taken from a Parisian anthology and poetry from Carol Ann Duffy.
    • You will develop your analysis and written skills, completing re-creative writing tasks and textual analysis.

    Year 2 Summary

    • 20% of the course gives you the freedom to analyse your own fiction and non-fiction texts as part of the non-examined assessment.
    • The remainder of the course sees a return to Paris, Duffy and Shelley but this time with a greater weighting on context. The incredible The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald is also explored, alongside A Streetcar Named Desire, an American classic.

    Careers and Next Steps

    Do you want to have a career in one of the following fields?

    • Journalism
    • Teaching
    • Writing (poetry, novels, travel writing, plays)
    • Performance
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • PR
    • Law
    • Business

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