Design Engineering

Advanced GCE in Design and Technology – Design and Technology: Design Engineering

Course Overview

A Level Design Engineering prepares students with knowledge and skills that enables them to work in relevant 21st century creative, engineering and manufacturing industries. With a focus on iterative design to equip them with valuable critical thinking skills needed for higher education and industry.

    Qualification Details

    • Qualification: Advanced GCE in Design and Technology – Design and Technology: Design Engineering
    • Exam Board: OCR


    Course Teacher Profile

    Mr Edwards

    Mr Edwards


    Mr Edwards is the Curriculum Team Lead for Engineering in the Amethyst Sixth Form

    Course Requirements

    To enrol for the A Level Design Engineering course you must have the following:

    • Grade 4 in English
    • Grade 6 in Mathematics
    • Grade 6 in Design Technology

    Year 1 Summary

    In year 1, you will cover all theoretical knowledge for the course, and explore how this knowledge can be applied to your Non-Examined Assessment major project.

    • Identifying Requirements
    • Learning from existing products
    • Implications of wider issues
    • Design thinking and communications
    • Material and component considerations
    • Technical understanding
    • Manufacturing processes and techniques
    • Viability of design solutions
    • Health & safety

    Year 2 Summary

    In year 2, you will work on your Non-Examined Assessment major project, whilst studying theoretical key content at a deeper level in preparation for your 2 written exams at the end of the course.

    Careers and Next Steps

    Do you want to have a career in one of the following fields?

    In completing this course you will be able to apply for STEM related degrees at university such as:

    • Engineering
    • Civil and environmental engineering
    • Robotics & Embedded systems engineering
    • Automotive Engineering
    • User-Experience and User-Interface design (UX/UI)
    • Industrial Design


    You will also be able to apply for advanced apprenticeships in sectors such as:

    • Construction
    • Planning and the built environment
    • Engineering
    • Manufacturing technologies.

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