New A-Level Opportunities in Wolverhampton’s Moreton Sixth Form

Nov 9, 2023 | News

Dear Parents and Carers,

We’re pleased to present an exciting update regarding our A-level provisions and further education offerings here at Moreton, part of the Amethyst Trust in Wolverhampton. After a series of enlightening taster sessions this half term, we’re eager to share our vision for your child’s post-16 education journey.

Commitment to Post-16 Excellence in Wolverhampton

Moreton School is on an ambitious path of growth, reinforcing our dedication to providing students in Wolverhampton with comprehensive post-16 educational choices. It’s our steadfast belief that Moreton students should have access to an array of A-level subjects without needing to look beyond our community.

Informed Decisions for Sixth Form Success

Our decision to refine our A-level and sixth form offerings is informed by careful analysis, including student choices within the Amethyst Sixth, the evolving landscape of employment placements, and the comparative benefits of apprenticeships.

Introducing A-Level and Applied Courses for Wolverhampton’s Students

Starting in 2024, Moreton School is excited to propose a dynamic range of A-level subjects and Applied Courses, pending your valuable input. In collaboration with Aldersley High School, this tailored selection will serve as a cornerstone of further education in Wolverhampton, potentially including:

  • Dance
  • Physics
  • Applied Science
  • Maths
  • Health and Social Care
  • Art & Photography
  • History
  • Geography

Guidance Tailored to Wolverhampton’s Aspiring A-Level Students

Mrs. Everiss, our careers advisor, is committed to guiding our students towards making informed decisions that align with their ambitions in further education and beyond.

A careers fair is set for November 14th, promising additional support for Wolverhampton’s youth as they navigate their A-level and post-16 options.

Your Role in Shaping Sixth Form Education

We encourage your active participation as we refine our A-level offerings. Please share your thoughts, as your perspective is vital in shaping the future of sixth form education at Moreton.
I will be conversing directly with our Year 11 students about these developments and opportunities.
We look forward to your feedback and to furthering our shared goal of academic excellence in Wolverhampton’s further education landscape.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. A. Richardson Senior Assistant Headteacher Moreton Sixth Form

Current Courses

You can view all of our current course offerings here.

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