Special Visit, Special Victory for the Football Academy

Oct 26, 2023 | Football Academy

What an incredible day for our Academy students! We were honoured to welcome AJ from the Whistle Foundation to our family. More than our provider for top-notch sports nutrition packs, AJ brought an invaluable gift: a reminder of the power of dedication and community spirit. 🌱⚽

His inspiring talk touched not just on hitting our goals with 100% effort, but also on the profound impact of giving back. And guess what? He didn’t stop there! Our talented players were thrilled to receive pairs of high-tech grip socks, ensuring they’re pitch-perfect! 🧦🚀

Fueled by AJ’s words and generosity, our team soared to a 3:1 victory in their next match! This win is dedicated to everyone who believes in and supports our journey. Here’s to achieving great heights on and off the field!

Thank you, AJ, and the Whistle Foundation, for sparking this chain of positivity and triumph! 🏆💜

If you want to read more about the work that the Whistle Foundation does please visit their website. https://www.thewhistlefoundation.co.uk/ 

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