Celebrating the Success of Amethyst Sixth Form’s A-Level Students

Aug 17, 2023 | News

Dear Amethyst Sixth Form Family,

I’m elated to address you all today, on the unveiling of our A-Level results. As the head of Amethyst Sixth Forms, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the relentless drive, unwavering dedication, and brilliant growth of our students, and today’s achievements are but a manifestation of these traits.

To our deserving students, congratulations on this phenomenal milestone! These results are not merely grades on paper, but a reflection of your tenacity, resilience, and commitment. You have exemplified the essence of Amethyst Sixth Form’s ethos in every challenge met and every hurdle crossed.

Our amazing Sixth Form Team deserves special recognition. Your role as educators extends beyond imparting knowledge. The mentorship, the hours spent after class, the constructive feedback, and the genuine concern for each student have culminated in this triumphant moment.

Dear parents and guardians, the steadfast belief and unwavering support you have shown your children has been the wind beneath their wings. Your integral role in their journey cannot be overstated, and we deeply appreciate your trust in Amethyst Sixth Form.

As our brilliant students transition to their next phase – be it university, the professional world, or other exciting pathways – I want to offer my heartfelt wishes. Equipped with the knowledge, values, and experiences from Amethyst, the world is not only yours to explore but also to transform.

In closing, today isn’t merely about celebrating grades, but it’s about recognising dreams realised, potential harnessed, and the promise of an even brighter tomorrow. We are profoundly proud of what you’ve achieved and even more excited about the heights you’re yet to reach.

To new beginnings and unparalleled successes!


Mrs. Gavin, Head of Amethyst Sixth Forms.

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