Class of 2021, you did it!

Aug 11, 2021 | News

Congratulations to all of our amazing Sixth Form students and staff on achieving exceptional A Level results this year.

 Class of 2021, you did it!! 

Our students have been true warriors in the face of extreme adversity and they should be so proud of their successes and achievements.
A Level years are never easy, and this group of students have had it the toughest by far. However, through their resilience, determination, hard work and showing up every single day virtually and in person, they have each discovered who they can be and more!

We are brimming with pride for each and every one of them and know that we don’t need to wish them luck, as they have the skills, the knowledge and the ambitions to absolutely thrive in life.

A huge thank you must also go out to our special Sixth Form staff body. Through their dedication and commitment to believing in and supporting every one of our students, they have gifted them the very best knowledge, skills and inspiration every day, without fail.

Amethyst 6th Class of 2021, we can’t wait to hear about all your future endeavours. From cabin crew to nursing; pharmaceuticals to zoology; construction to drama – the future is absolutely yours and the world is your oyster!

Thank you and remember:
Dream big and embrace life!

Amethyst Sixth Form Team

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